• How to Make a Cascadian Caipbeerinha

    How to Make a Cascadian Caipbeerinha

    Made from freshly-pressed sugarcane juice, cachaça is often considered Brazil’s national distilled spirit. In the US, it’s most commonly encountered in a cocktail called a caipirinha. When Dragos Axinte launched Novo Fogo organic cachaça in 2011, the founder says he “wanted to make the caipirinha...
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  • How to Become a Bartender with No Experience

    How to Become a Bartender with No Experience

    Most bartenders agree with me, one of the hardest parts about becoming a professional bartender is breaking into the industry and landing your first bartending job. I hear these frustrations all the time: How do I become a bartender if I don’t have experience? Do I need a bartending license to b...
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  • The Different Types of Beer

    The Different Types of Beer

    So you know that beer is alcoholic, carbonated grain juice… Now what? Ales Vs Lagers First things first, you need to know that most of the beers in this world fall into 2 distinct categories, ales, and lagers. Apart from an emerging 3rd category (which we’ll go into below – see Wild Ales), every ...
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  • How To Pour Beer

    How To Pour Beer

    Pouring beer is an art, and definitely part of the overall tasting experience. We always suggest that you drink a beer out of a glass, and recommend that you read Glassware for Beer. It’s a great primer to understating why, and a guide guide to pairing a beer to its appropriate glass. The f...
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  • ‘First British beer’ discovered in Cambridgeshire A14 roadworks

    ‘First British beer’ discovered in Cambridgeshire A14 roadworks

    Road workers have uncovered what is thought to be the earliest evidence of beer being brewed in Britain, dating back more than 2,000 years. Experts found “tell-tale signs of the Iron Age brew” during work on improvements to the A14 between Cambridge and Huntingdon. It is believed the ...
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  • The Danger of Drinking Beer and Wine

    The Danger of Drinking Beer and Wine

    The wine table knows this sentence: wine can not be mixed, otherwise it is easy to get drunk. Some people don’t believe it, and they try it out on their own, drinking beer and changing it to drink white wine, or drinking two kinds of wine in one cup. As a result, most people have problems. ...
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  • The Development of the Small Beer Equipment in Jinan

    The Development of the Small Beer Equipment in Jinan

    The Small Beer Equipment in Jinan can flexibly use a variety of winemaking techniques to control the flavor and physical and chemical indicators of the wine, suitable for use in various places. LongBang Mechanical equipment has deep cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research instit...
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  • Sterilization Method Commonly Used in the Brewing of Fruit Wine Equipment

    Sterilization Method Commonly Used in the Brewing of Fruit Wine Equipment

      The beer brewed by the fruit wine equipment is an alcoholic beverage, and the hops in the beer can also increase appetite, stimulate gastric acid secretion, and improve digestion. What kind of sterilization method is adopted in beer brewing has an important influence on beer fermentation. At pr...
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  • How Much Is the Equipment for Making Beer

    How Much Is the Equipment for Making Beer

    How much is the equipment for making beer, customers who come to consult will ask this same question, and our customer service staff will answer them one by one. 1. When we do equipment, we need to have a certain concept of daily consumption and monthly consumption, so as to ensure that the peak ...
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  • Mash System

    Mash System

    Mash system – It is composed of mash pot, filter tank and hot water tank. The specifications range from 100L to 2000L. It can also be customized according to your needs and process requirements. The main body of each equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel material of internationa...
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  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    Ha ha ha! Christmastime is here, so let’s crack open the yuletide beer. Now that the craft beer industry is becoming almost as productive and magical as Santa’s workshop, the options are bounteous, flavorful, and frequently very alcoholic. But what is a Christmas beer exactly? Many of...
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  • Beer Evaluation Criteria

    The best tasting temperature of beer is kept under 15℃ for an hour. As for the appearance, you’d better look it directly or from aside under the line and pay attention to beer color, floating substances and sediment, etc. The beer sediment is white and brown. The beer color is hard to judge only ...
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  • The Principle of Beer Diet

        We all know that beer can help one lose weight, but how does it work? Today, let’s talk about it.     It can effectively reduce fat intake. Beer almost does not contain fat and sugar, and the high-quality protein in it can slowly release energy, maintaining the stability of blood sugar;...
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  • The Storage Method of Home-Brewing Beer

    Beer is one of the indispensable drinks in daily life, especially in recent years. It is essential for both leisure and entertainment. Take cooking for instance, beer also can regard as seasoning now, such as beer chicken, beer duck. As beer becomes more and more important in life, some people ha...
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  • How can Craft Beer Equipment Avoid Foaming During Filling

    Firstly, the adjustment of isobaric pneumatic switch device of craft beer equipment is not in place, and the air charging standby pressure opening valve is not sufficient, so the isobaric pressure cannot be reached within the unit time, resulting in that the cylinder standby pressure is greater t...
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  • What does the Number of Home-brewing Beer Mean?

    Believe that a lot of people see beer sign 7 ° , 8 °,  10 °,  11 ° and 12 °, etc., so what do the degree mean? Most people think these Numbers refer to the alcohol content of beer. Actually, that’s a mistake. The degree of home-brewing beer and the degree of liquor represent different meanings. T...
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  • How does the Beer Equipment Make the Beer

    Beer has already become the indispensable drinks in life, especially in summer when the beer drinkers largely increased.  As we all know, beer is made of wheat during which process the beer equipment is needed. So how does the machine work to produce beer? 1.First, the main ingredient used in bre...
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  • The Type Of Hop Products For Self-brewing Equipment

    Currently, there are three common hop products: hop hash, hop extract and distilled hop oil. 1.Hop hash Hop hash is universally used worldwide, whose production is over 50% of gross yield. It is fabricated and used mainly in Germany and the United States. Grinding the hop pellets into powder, the...
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  • Features Of Small-sized Beer Equipment

    1. Intellectual operation easy, fast and convenient Small-sized beer equipment integrates both intellectual and automatic operating system. Merely do the clients pour the brewing raw materials into the tank and input the designed program codes, the machine can automatically go though the entire p...
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  • How To Choose Craft Beer Equipment According To The Scale

    How To Choose Craft Beer Equipment According To The Scale

    Be aware of your demand with a clear aim and choose small beer equipment at first. The whole set of beer equipment consists of the main parts , including grinding system, saccharification system, fermentation system, refrigeration system, washing system, control system etc. and auxiliary part. Yo...
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  • Something you should know about beer (3)

    Something you should know about beer (3)

    What on earth does German beer have in it to make it tastes so good? You must discover it by yourself in person. Not every county are deserved to be called “the Kingdom of Beer”. Back in the year of 1516, German declared the Purity Beer Law, which set the standard that the beer can only be made f...
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  • The Concept Of Craft Beer

    The Concept Of Craft Beer

    The world has not yet defined the so-called craft beer. There is only concept of it, a business concept. Our company’s concept of craft beer is as follows: 1.It’s made from malt, hops, yeast and high-grade water.The beer is brewed with full malt following the “pure brewing method̶...
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  • Cook With Beer (1)

    Cook With Beer (1)

    Slow Cooker Duck Chops With Beer Duck has the function of lowering body heat and replenishing the body with nutrients according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory. If it is cooked with beer, guess what? Yummy, yummy! Check it out!   Ingredients: duck meat: 400 g ginger: 30 g green onion...
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  • Get Together with Family and Friends

    Get Together with Family and Friends

      It was Mid-autumn Festival on September 21st  this year, a traditional festival according to the Lunar Chinese Calendar, in which the date was August 15th . See, it is in the middle of August, so it got the name. We Chinese People regard the day as a time of reunion. On Mid-autumn Festival...
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