How does the Beer Equipment Make the Beer

Beer has already become the indispensable drinks in life, especially in summer when the beer drinkers largely increased.  As we all know, beer is made of wheat during which process the beer equipment is needed. So how does the machine work to produce beer?
1.First, the main ingredient used in brewing beer is barley, water, hop and yeast.
2.Secondly, the fundamentals of equipment is introduced as followed. Firstly, malt and rice was crushed by a grinder to the degree suitable for mashing, and then the crushed malt and starch were added with warm water to be pasted respectively, adjusting the temperature afterwards. The starch is placed in a sugar pan at a temperature of 45 to 52 degrees, which is suitable for protein decomposition. The crushed malt is liquefied in a mushy pot, remaining at 62-70 degrees to make mash. It is then leached or boiled to raise the temperature of the mash. Then the machine filters the wort into the boiling pot boil, and adds the hop to reach a certain concentration, which entering the cyclotron in the sedimentation tank to isolate heat concretion, clarifying the wort and then cooling into the cooler to 5 ~ 8 ℃.
3.Thirdly, the process goes into fermentation. After cooling, the wort added yeast into was sent to the fermentation tank for fermentation. The process of beer fermentation, actually, is the normal life activity of beer yeast which makes use of the fermentable substance in wort under certain conditions. Its metabolite is named beer. Due to different types of yeast, different fermentation conditions and product requirements, different flavors, its fermentation methods vary. According to the fermentation type of yeast, beer can also be divided into two types: top-fermented beer and bottom-fermented beer.

Post time: Nov-12-2018

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