How Much Is the Equipment for Making Beer

How much is the equipment for making beer, customers who come to consult will ask this same question, and our customer service staff will answer them one by one.

1. When we do equipment, we need to have a certain concept of daily consumption and monthly consumption, so as to ensure that the peak season will not be broken.

2. It is recommended to provide the site drawings and the surrounding environment of the site to us. We will provide a solution based on comprehensive factors.

3. Investment to income output ratio. Buying a set of beer equipment can not only consider the cost of the equipment, but also anticipate the later raw materials, water, electricity, personnel and other management costs.

4. It is recommended to make a cost-benefit analysis based on local prices and consumption levels and make investment plans. Our sales staff will also provide some reference based on past experience.

Finally, let’s introduce the difference of craft beer.

Small beer is also called craft beer and raw beer, which is a fresh beer that does not contain any additives, does not filter, and contains active yeast. It is both healthy and nutritious, known as “liquid bread.”

Post time: Jan-07-2019

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