How To Choose Craft Beer Equipment According To The Scale

Be aware of your demand with a clear aim and choose small beer equipment at first.

The whole set of beer equipment consists of the main parts , including grinding system, saccharification system, fermentation system, refrigeration system, washing system, control system etc. and auxiliary part. You can also choose to install water treating equipment, post-fermentation filtration equipment, beer storage equipment, air-pressure equipment, laboratory equipment, sterilization equipment, bottling equipment, etc.

But how? Here are some advice:

The are several regular output of distinct beer equipment from small to large, 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 5000L, 10 tonne, 20 tonne, 50 tonne, 100 tonne, etc.

The volume proportion of saccarification tank and fermentation tank is 1:1 or 1:2, in accordance with the brewery process and operational convenience.

Procure small-sized beer equipment with different capacity which coincides with your demand.

1 Craft beer house

We define pub style restaurants, bars or beer house as commercial brewery, commonly adapt the equipment which has the output greater than 500L. There are some fixed brewing recipe for it because the style and taste of the product must be maintained. This investment fit for the person who has manage experience in hotel or restaurant. Because to found a restaurant of this size both the cost and risk are very high, which is not the best option for start-ups. In some mega cities, of course, there are still plenty of pub style restaurants with a handsome revenue.

1000L酒店豪华啤酒设备(发酵罐)1000L Hotel-type Grand Beer Equipment(Fermentation Tank)

2 small-to-medium sized craft beer brewery

It refers to the brewery which produces fresh self-made craft beer as defined. The manager should formulate the capacity codes according to the pattern of delivery and packing mode.The products are sold via local net work and offline shops, which requires a Production Permit. There are not too many enterprises of this kind.

3 small-sized industry brewing

Beer breweries with a capacity of 100L-300L/day have been gradually established in many cities. The initial investment of equipment is contrastively small, which is suit for startup.

The above is current condition of craft beer industry which has been transmitted to China for nearly ten years. After a decade’s development, the craft beer is expected to blast out all over the country. You ought to opt a develop pattern in terms of your experience and finance situation so that to get a ride of the boom if you are regulating or are going to start a career in this field.


Post time: Oct-22-2018

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