Something you should know about beer (1)

1 What is beer? Although beer was introduced to China until the 20th century, it has a long history of thousands of years. Common beer is made from malted barley, hop and water as its main ingredient. After fermentation, it is rich in CO2 and the strength is usually low.

There are briefly two brewing technologies: top fermentation and bottom fermentation: The former origined from the Great Britain with a long history. This method has made it possible for the yeast to flow on the top of the wort while fermenting. As a result, it needs a higher temperature, 10-20in general and the period for fermentation is short.

The beer used top fermentation is full-bodied, with a strong aromas and complicated flavor. Most craft beer is made by this way. The latter origined after the discovery of the American Continent by Columbus, which has a short history. It allows the yeast to ferment at the bottom of the wort and the temperature needed is low, below 10in general and the period for fermentation is long. The beer used bottom fermentation is light-bodied with a strong aromas of malted barley and cool flavor. Most industry beer is made by this method.


2 What is the difference between craft beer and industry beer? I’ll explain it from three perspectives.

Ingredient: Craft beer only consists of malted barley, hop, yeast and water, without any other additives. Thus, the portion of malted barley is more and the hop is more various and the flavor is far more thick. Part of the craft beer is even made by some more advanced ingredients. However, industry beer will be added in other alternatives rather than merely malted barley to lower the cost. Thus, the density of the malted barley is obversely lower and the flavor is light.

Technologies:As is mentioned above, people often adapt top fermentation to make craft beer and bottom totally different. What is more, because of the pasteurization, the self life of it is far more longer than that of the craft beer.

Flavor: Speaking of the flavor of craft beer, it is more than what you can actually think of. It can include almost every kind, from the light fruit-tasted beer to the thick barley beer or even smoky flavor beer. The alcohol strength of scores of degree. Industry beer is in favor of the brand and the output. The flavor is designed to unify. The lighter flavor fits the public to drink at any occasions.

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