Something you should know about beer (3)

What on earth does German beer have in it to make it tastes so good? You must discover it by yourself in person. Not every county are deserved to be called “the Kingdom of Beer”.

Back in the year of 1516, German declared the Purity Beer Law, which set the standard that the beer can only be made from malt, hop, water. Beer sold in German market cannot add the other component in it until now. Besides, all the non-whole wheat beer produced in the other countries are not permitted to on sale in Germany, which shows the strictness to the raw material of beer.

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Although the statistics indicates that the beer consumption in Germany in2017 is 9.35 billion litre. It has been a record low since the reunion, the brewery increased. “Germans focus more on the quality of beer and a bunch of craft beer brewery emerged. Healthy concept of food and drink is spreading all over the globe”, according to Peter Hahn, President of Germany Beer Association.

As we all know, beer has different colors. The wheat bran and starch in the wort will be partly dehydrated and carbonized after baking. The hue of the malt will change along with the degree of carbonation.

Weiss: Made mainly from wheat malt so that the beer presents a hue of light white, cool-bodied, the aroma stands out, light and pleasant.

Pale yellow beer: jasmine colored and adapt malt with low solution degree, rich in aroma, light bodied and fit for drinking in summer.

Golden beer: Golden is the most standard beer colour, which is engaging. A balanced body allows it to be ordered at any occasions.

Brown beer: Also known as red beer decades ago. The colour is dark due to the deeply-baked malt.

Stout: Normally, the gravity of which is above 10°and the aroma is broad, the body is thick. Besides, it is far more nutritious, compared to other types of beer.


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Post time: Oct-15-2018

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