The Danger of Drinking Beer and Wine

The wine table knows this sentence: wine can not be mixed, otherwise it is easy to get drunk. Some people don’t believe it, and they try it out on their own, drinking beer and changing it to drink white wine, or drinking two kinds of wine in one cup. As a result, most people have problems.

For example, it is easy to get drunk, or immediately feel uncomfortable in the stomach, and some people even have symptoms of poisoning. So, don’t drink beer with different wines.
1. More prone to drunkenness

Although beer has a low alcohol content, it contains carbon dioxide, which is dissolved in water to form carbonic acid. If you mix wine and beer, beer can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, accelerate blood circulation, and promote the absorption of alcohol in wine. Wine is high in alcohol, and alcohol and water account for about 98% of its composition, so it is easier to mix. After drinking, the degree of drunkenness is more serious than a glass of wine, and even leads to alcoholism.
2. Vomiting is easier.

Once the stomach is vomiting, the stomach can’t stand it. In the long run, it is easy to cause gastritis. People are more likely to vomit when mixed with wine and beer. Imagine that the stomach was first soaked in wine, and then a few bottles of beer were added, and the stomach might not stand.


3. Easy to hurt the stomach.

The combination of wine and beer will accelerate the diffusion and penetration of alcohol throughout the body, causing great damage to the gastrointestinal tract and may affect the secretion of gastric acid and the production of digestive enzymes. When people drink and vomit, it means that the stomach can’t bear at this time. The mixture of beer and liquor is undoubtedly a double stimulus, which can cause nausea and vomiting. It may cause serious consequences such as gastritis, stomach cramps and stomach bleeding in the long run.
4. More likely to hurt the liver.

Drinking alcohol and beer will speed up the spread of alcohol in the liver. As an important detoxification organ, the liver mainly relies on the oxidative decomposition of the liver, thereby increasing the burden on the liver. In the long run, liver cells will degenerate, eventually leading to the adverse consequences of cirrhosis.


5. More likely to get liver cancer.

The last one is experimentally proven, and the harm of liver cancer, I believe I do not need to say more, at present, it can be said to cure; therefore, friends who drink alcohol, must pay attention. Because beer is a low alcohol drink, it contains carbon dioxide and a lot of water. Mixing with white wine will accelerate the penetration of alcohol throughout the body, causing strong irritation and damage to the liver, intestines, stomach and kidneys, affecting the production of digestive enzymes, reducing the secretion of gastric acid, and causing stomach cramps, acute enteritis, bleeding, and twelve. Refers to symptoms such as enteritis. Cardiovascular risk is also quite serious.

Post time: Feb-12-2019

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