The Storage Method of Home-Brewing Beer

Beer is one of the indispensable drinks in daily life, especially in recent years. It is essential for both leisure and entertainment. Take cooking for instance, beer also can regard as seasoning now, such as beer chicken, beer duck. As beer becomes more and more important in life, some people have been using home-brewing equipment to brew beer. So do you know how to keep home-brewing beer?

  1. Keeping the beer in a cool, cool place will stabilize the foam. If poured into a glass, the foam will quickly disappear.
  2. Beer should not be shaken in that after the shock, it will reduce the solubility of carbon dioxide in beer.
  3. Keep the glass of home-brewing beer clean so as not to affect the tension on the surface of the beer, reduce the amount of foam in the beer and speed up its disappearance.
  4. Fresh beer should be opened at the time you want to drink. Don’t pour the beer into the glass too early. It’s easy for carbon dioxide to escape. Beer must not be poured back and forth, that way, the gas in the beer will soon dissipate, affecting its taste. Cover the top of the beer bottle with a clean rubber bottle stopper within a few minutes of opening the lid.
  5. Fresh beer contains live yeast, which is easily rancid and degenerate under the condition of high temperature. So, the appropriate temperature for beer deposit is below 15 , the optimum choice of which is to put in a ventilation and shading place at about 0. This keeps the foam in the beer to a maximum.
  6. Beer shall not be stored at low temperature for a long time in that it will freeze beer. Beer will become cloudy then, which affects the taste and quality of the beer, and also reduces its nutritional value.

Post time: Dec-03-2018

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