What does the Number of Home-brewing Beer Mean?

Believe that a lot of people see beer sign 7 ° , 8 °,  10 °,  11 ° and 12 °, etc., so what do the degree mean? Most people think these Numbers refer to the alcohol content of beer. Actually, that’s a mistake.

The degree of home-brewing beer and the degree of liquor represent different meanings. The degree of liquor refers to its alcohol content, while the degree of beer refers to the concentration of malt juice-the raw material of beer production, in that the alcohol in beer is converted from maltose. In the case of a beer marked 12 degrees, that is, the beer is made with a 12-degree wort. The alcohol content of the home-brewed beer equipment is calculated as a percentage of mass volume (M/V%), and 12 degrees as indicated on the label refers to the original wort concentration, so the alcohol should be about 4 degrees. Generally, the alcohol content of beer is mostly between 2-5%, while the common light beer is 3.3-3.8% and strong beer is 4-5%; German beer, on the other hand, has a higher alcohol concentration, about 5-9%, and a heavier bitter taste.

b8c156b80333bba49af5a719d7982149The higher the alcohol content is, the better the quality of home-brewing beer becomes. Beer, according to the concentration of the wort, is divided into three categories: 6 °- 8 ° for low concentration of beer, of which the alcohol content is low, commonly 2%, suitable as cool and refreshing drink to enjoy in the summer; 10 °- 12 ° for medium strength beer, whose alcohol content is of around 3.5%; 14 °- 20 ° for high concentration of beer, the alcohol content of which is close to 5%. Beer above 12 degrees is internationally recognized as premium beer, which has a long brewing cycle and is resistant to storage.

Post time: Nov-19-2018

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