Who has a longer shelf life, fresh beer or stored beer?

The so-called fresh beer (namely draft beer), is the fermented beer, which is not through pasteurization and sterilization so that the yeast contained in it is not killed. Because of its fresh tastes, this kind of beer calls fresh beer. In the abroad, the fresh beer is sought after beer lovers and it is also relatively popular in the domestic. Without the sterilization, the fresh beer cannot be stored for a long time. Usually, it is stored for 3 days in barrel and 7 days in bottle, so it can only be sold on the spot.


The so-called mature beer (also known as stored beer) is a bottle of beer sterilized by pasteurization, killing the yeast in it. This kind of beer is more durable. The standard storage period of the product is 50 days for 10 degrees, 60 days for 11 degrees and 12 degrees, and 120 days for high-quality beer. It is worth noting that the flavor and nutrition of cooked beer is not as good as that of fresh beer.


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Post time: Aug-27-2018

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