How many types are there in your company?

Welcome to our company! We have five series of Beer Machinery Equipment: Large and Medium-sized, Hotel-type, Home-brewing, Experimental Beer Equipment. Besides, we also produce Refrigeration storage Tank with different specifications.

What is the Large and Medium-sized Beer Equipment used for?

Welcome to our company! The Large and Medium-sized Beer Equipment is mainly applied to the to the construction of Beer Factory and Fruit Wine Factory. In terms of design and construction, we will dispatch professional engineer to take all charge of the project including the installation of the equipment, the collection of raw materials and the training of the workers.

How about the Hotel-type Bee Equipment?

Welcome to our company! The Hotel Type Beer Equipment always used in restaurants, bars or other entertainment places. The equipment can not only brew black beer, but also bright beer, wheat beer and nutrient beer. Under the atmosphere created by the elegant, grand and artistic beer equipment, the customers will relish the tasteful bee better!

If I buy the Home Brewing Beer Equipment form your company, will I get the guide book or video about the installation?

Welcome to our company! If you buy the Home Brewing Beer Equipment from our company, we will send professional technicist together with the equipment to guide the installation and debugging of the equipment.

What are the characteristics of the Kvass Brewing Equipment?

Welcome to our company! Kvass Brewing Equipment made by our company inherits the design idea and producing craft of Europe, and at the same time, combines Chinese Chinese characteristics, making various kinds of delicate Kvass Equipment. We also provide you the crafts of making Kvass bread, fruit and honey. We can see that Kvass Brewing Equipment can not only satisfy the taste of the beer drinkers but the sense of participation of the managers which seems like one idiom popular in China: To kill to birds with one stone.

How many specifications of the Refrigeration Storage Tank?

Welcome to our company! There are several types of the Refrigeration Storage Tank, such as the single tank with the range of capacity of 100L, 200L, 300L; the double tank which is 100L+100L, 200L+200L, and 300L+300L; and the tremble tank of 100L+100L+100L and so on.

Is the operation of the equipment easy to master?

Yes! The operation of the equipment is not so difficult to master. Both the instructive mark and the operation step is clear enough for you to handle the equipment. Meanwhile, we will dispatch professionals to provide you the technical training.

Is the cost of beer brewing high?

Welcome to our company first! Absolutely, to brew high-quality beer, we need superior materials which may cost certain money. But we promise that all the cost is deserved. We will provide you the top-quality equipment at a minimum cost because our company devote ourselves to guarantee the customers’ interests first and guarantee the products’ quality foremost.

How about the after-sale service?

We promise that we will provide a life-long maintenance for beer equipment, a three-year quality guarantee for the self-made equipment and a one-year quality for the bought components for free. Besides, professional after-sales department was set up. All the personnel have received unified technical training. A 24-hour serving telephone was launched to sincerely serve you all the time.


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